【ICO】 “LODE” building a secure trading network of money with block chains

Hello everyone, I am Gox(@GOX_AGAIN

This time I will explain ICO’s LODE

What is LODE?

LODE aims to smart the in-kind trading of gold by the technology of the block chain and to provide in-kind gold trading secure to both the selling side and the buying side consumers.

It is a project to solve various problems by omitting all waste and to construct a network to make gold spot trading smart and safe.

LODE NETWORK is a network with an audit function for directly linking smelters (storage rooms), sales offices, and users, and is built on the basis of block chain technology tailored to each characteristic.

Gold has value since 8000 years ago

The history of man and gold has existed for 8000 years ago.
And until now, gold has been considered valuable in the world.

Recently, the price of gold is gradually rising.
The gold that is excellent in scarcity and usefulness will continue to exist as valuable in the future.

What are the merits of the block chain?

Reduction of transportation cost

By using block chain technology it is possible to reduce the transportation costs that a gold dealer wanted.

Since gold is mined, consumers need to proceed several times between purchase and storage.

Mining → smelter → dealer → consumer → cabinet

Because it is expensive “gold” to transport, the risks such as accidents and theft are so high that the transportation cost will be higher accordingly.

With the introduction of LODE, the distribution route is omitted and transportation cost can be reduced.

Reduction of transaction fee

With this LODE, direct transactions with refineries and the like become possible, so a substantial reduction in transaction fee is realized.

Even jewelry precious metals that became unnecessary can be sold easily.

Secure trust

With a distributed application that connects block chains, the holding situation of the repository is clarified and an audit function is also provided so that it is not designed to be fraudulent.

In other words, management of money is solid and reliable.


LODE NETWORK is a network with an audit function for directly linking smelters (storage rooms), sales offices, and users, and is built on the basis of block chain technology tailored to each characteristic.

LODE CORE exists in the center, realizing to make three block chains and external databases cooperate.

Token sale

The token sale is divided into three periods.

This is because it is concerned about protection of a large buyer, system failure at the time of sale due to excessive access, etc., so that the minimum purchase amount is set for each phase so as to disperse according to the purchase scale.

The token sale is 88% of the total number of issues, the remaining 12% is distributed.
In addition, if it does not meet the sales limit set for each stage, all remaining tokens are burned.
* Burn is to discard the token

The sale can be divided into three phases, the first stage of protection sale, the second public sale of the protection sale, the second stage, and the third stage.

Protection sale is token sale for purchasers of 50,000 LDG or more to protect large buyers, 80% of purchases are bonused.

Public sale is done twice after protection sale.

In Stage 1, a bonus of 40% is granted, the minimum purchasable amount is granted from 1,000 LDG, Stage 2 is granted 20% bonus, and the minimum purchasable amount is from 10 LDG.

The selling price is “1 LDG = 1 dollar” ※ about 107 yen

In order to participate in this LODE protection sale, it is necessary to pre-register by 14:59 February 15, 2018.

If you do not register in advance, you can not participate in protection sale, let’s pre-register.
You can choose not to buy even if you pre-register.
If you are interested, you’d better just register it for now.

How to buy

Let’s start with the page of ICO.

LODE Official Page

Enter your e-mail address at the new member registration, read the explanation, check the two places and click “Register”.

Since e-mail arrives at the registered e-mail address, click the URL in the text to display it.

Since this member registration is displayed, please enter necessary items.

① Enter your last name

② Enter name

③ Enter birth date

④ Enter the password to set

⑤ Enter the same password again

Click “Register” when you are done.

Once registration is completed, you will be able to login to My Page.
For enhanced security, be sure to set up 2-step authentication as well.

In order to set up 2 step verification, let’s install 2 step verification application on the smartphone.

On the login screen, click “My Account” on the left side menu and click “2 step verification”.
Read QR code with 2 step verification application.

* Be sure to save the backup code by squeezing it.
Backup code is the code after “if not compatible with QR code”.

The backup code is necessary for restoring when the 2-step authentication application becomes unusable, such as model change or malfunction of the smartphone.

After entering the authentication code (6 digit number) displayed in 2 step verification application, click “Enable 2 step verification”.
This completes the 2-step authentication setting.
All we can do is wait until sale begins.

Risk of LODE

There are two risks of loading.
Road has many bonuses. A protection sale gives a bonus of 80%.

Protection sale is a large sale, but it is structured that it becomes advantageous to buy more if you can buy a lot.

There are 40% and 20% bonus on brick sale, even in 2nd and 3rd period, but there is no doubt that it is disadvantageous.

Another is the period of ICO.
The period of ICO varies from token to token, but if it is early, there are things that only one month’s sale is done.

Also, some ICOs were sold out in the first 3 minutes.
The LODE of this time has a long period of ICO, so if you want to buy it, buy it in the early stage.

* Protection sale is for large use, so there is a possibility that it will be sold out as soon as it is sold by bulk purchase.
People who want to purchase large quantities should register immediately.

In the ICO as a whole, since you can buy a person who you want for the time being, it is difficult to think that the price since selling has risen sharply.

There is demand for the ICO to be sold soon as the ICO period is short.
On the contrary, if the period is long and it will last until the end, demand will not be high so far at the end of the ICO.

If LODE steadily progresses the project, the value will gradually rise.
It is better to think that this ICO is a long-term investment.

Benefits of LODE

“LODE announces on my account page” that it is planned to list on the exchange already in October 2018.

However, somewhere is announced later.
It is said that you can buy and sell tokens if you have already listed on the exchange.

It is unlikely that the project gathers virtual currencies and gathers it as a toss.
For the time being, we can see that we can buy and sell tokens.

Also, since the token is burned if it remains, the value of the token will rise.

The more the token remains, the more burned it will be, so the value per sheet will rise.

Even if it is unsold, it will be difficult to think that the value drops as the number decreases.


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