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In this article, I will explain ICO ‘s Unizon.

Unizon official page

What is Unizon?

Insurance as we define it is essential mutual aid provided by fellow individuals supporting one another. Mutual aid is an instinct that flows from a fundamental human desire, and an ideal means for creating social relations.

The anxiety caused by unknowable risks in the future can be a vague feeling, that sometimes increases the less control we have over those risks. When we think about our own economic circumstances, our life itself, or the future of our family, there is not a person on Earth totally free from such anxiety. Since the development of civilization, humans have resolved these anxieties through social relationships. What formed out of this process was mutual aid—insurance.

But is the insurance being provided in today’s insurance industry addressing this fundamental desire? We believe that the value of insurance is increasing as a financial product for property management and tax incentivization for the global upper economic stratum (including the middle class in advanced countries).

A new economic system is expected to be shaped by future generations, with millennials and Generation Z leading the way, around completely different values than the current system.
*We define millennials (or Generation Y) as the generation born 1980 – 2000. Generation Z are individuals
born after the year 2000. These two generations are considered digital natives, and comprise the largest
age group in the global population.

The kind of insurance that reflects their diversity of values regarding happiness, and their ideals, can never be formed by traditional insurance companies. Because the insurance these generations consider essential can only be formed by an assembly of their peers, we will not treat it as insurance, but as mutual aid for a new age.

We also believe that when Unizon is established to build this system, it will be the dawning of a new era.

(Source: “White paper”)

In other words, Unizon considers the original “insurance” as mutual aid by human beings.

However, existing insurance is different from the original insurance, such as asset management for the upper economic group (including intermediate income group of developed countries) and financial products for preferential tax treatment I believe.

Therefore, Unizon is trying to make “insurance” which moves with “mutual aid” which is the essence of insurance as a function.

Also, what Unizon targets is “youth” who is responsible for the future in the future.

The values of contemporary youth are rich in diversity, and the form of the insurance that they ideal can never be formed by traditional insurance companies.

Unizon aims “mutual aid” which is the principle of diversified insurance.

Insurance needs and market size

The market size of the insurance industry in 2015 in the OECD region is estimated at $ 4.8 trillion.

Among them, the proportion occupied by the top five countries exceeds 78%.

【Total insurance premium income (2015)】

1 place America 2,621,083 Million USD

2nd place Great Britain 336,743 Million USD

3 place Japan 311, 854 Million USD

4th place Germany 292,968 Million USD

5th place France 250,772 Million USD

Source: OECD

Since the values for insurance are different for each country, and they develop according to each characteristic, there is little that can be said unconditionally.

Next, we will explain the characteristics of each country, taking the top three premium revenue income as an example.

In the case of the US, the sales ratio through its own agent is 40%.
52% pension products, 26% life insurance including death protection, 22% medical insurance. Even something that includes death protection is the mainstay product with strong savings.

In the case of the UK, the sales ratio via IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) accounts for 70% of the entire market.
Life insurance with savings and investment is the mainstay, with about 60% pension products and the remaining 40%.

In the case of Japan, the sales ratio through its own agent is 68%. Compared with products with high savings and investment characteristics, products with high security are overwhelmingly market share.

* Because the above data are calculated based on the results of independent survey, there is a possibility that there is a gap from the actual situation, and it is presented as a reference value for understanding the characteristics of each country.

Even just looking at the insurance circumstances of the top three countries, you can see that the main products and sales methods are significantly different.

For Japan in particular, most of the products are designed with importance on death / medical security over savings.

In this way, as seen from an international comparison, like a mobile phone, it is a reason why it is called “THE SEIHO (life insurance in Japanese)” because it has developed its own development that can be said to be a Galapagosatization.

These mean that business models (credit scale / sales method) influenced not only by social security system differences and national character in that country but also by the background of each country at the dawn of insurance market is still rooted .

The form of insurance that Unizon thinks

The insurance defined by Unizon is a shared intangible asset consisting of support among individuals as “mutual assistance”.

Also, Unizon does not aim to deny a traditional insurance company and destroy an existing industry.

Existing insurance companies have proven that many customers have continued to need a long history as a company and a certain achievement that has resulted in enormous deposit assets.

However, with the changing times, we can not ignore the current situation that the form of insurance needs is diversifying more rapidly.

It is certain that existing insurance companies lack flexibility enough to respond to individual needs to prepare their dish.

Unizon aims to construct a mutual aid protocol with mobility that responds to such changes in insurance needs.

In other words, we believe there is significance in constructing a framework that can not be realized by conventional insurance systems, rather than causing conflict between existing industry and customers.

For example, there are already many people who have been excluded from customers’ targets from existing insurance companies, but in approaching them, traditional traditional insurance systems maintain business costs from low profitability I can not do it.

Unizon will exist as a platform to form mutual assistance for such customers.

Advantage with existing insurance companies

When Unizon starts up, please refer to the following for comparison and advantage with traditional insurance company.

① There is no agency fee to conduct direct transactions with absence of agents or brokers

② There is no conflict of interest because it is a complete commission profit model.
That is, the operational loss risk and the non-payment risk are excluded.

③ Can generate insurance products that are not so far, such as micro insurance for the mutual aid between individuals completely, and specific risks in the niche field, not insurance products of entities seeking profitability.

Also, users who participate in Unizon are roughly divided into two roles.

① Users planning insurance plans as planners

② Subscriber: User who subscribes to insurance plan
It is two.

Of course, the planner can also be a subscriber, and on the contrary it is also possible for subscribers to launch insurance plans as planners.

The focus of planning as a planner focuses particularly on those who have questions about existing insurance products.

Everyone is free to plan an insurance plan for distributing and borrowing risks among insurance subscribers by existing transparent insurance products that are black boxed, transparent fund management controlled by block chain technology It is designed to be able to do.

As mentioned earlier, existing insurance products become opaque and commercial designs, there is a large gap between the significance and the actual state of insurance originally, especially if experienced insurance work gets much understanding and approval I am convinced and expect it as one of the planners.

The future of Unizon

Current insurance market size reaches an estimated 4.8 trillion dollars, and many of the business people have received feedback that Unizon’s estimate is underestimate among them.

However, this project of Unizon does not want to present as a dream story including wishful observation.

The target of Unizon is the young people who are not just in the insurance market.

Also, since the objective is to create diversified things that existing insurance companies can not do, we believe there is plenty of room for this project to grow.

* It has already been decided to list on the exchange on September 2018.
The listed exchanges have not yet been finalized.

Token usage ratio

Crowd Token Sale: 50%
Crowd Token Sale You can participate and purchase during the holding period.
※ Only for accounts that passed the filtering system
※ Bonus token included

Marketing, Community, etc.: 20%
It is used for Unison ‘s cognitive expansion and user community activation.
※ Planned to implement AirDrop

Adjuster: 10%
It is used as an incentive to facilitate collaboration negotiations to build adjuster networks all over the world.
It is stored in the pool to be locked up for 3 years from the start of handling at the digital asset exchange.

Auditing agency: 10%
Together with users and project teams, it is used for the establishment of an auditing body that contributes to the sustainability of Unizon and improvement of just and valid criteria.
It is stored in the pool to be locked up for 3 years from the start of handling at the digital asset exchange.

Team ownership: 5%
Unizon team members are secured as incentives to make motivation sustainable. It is stored in the pool to be locked up for 5 years from the start of handling at the digital asset exchange.

Reserve: 5%
It is used for unforeseen circumstances in the project, for user relief due to force majeure events, etc.

Token sale

Unizon has pre-registered since March 1, 2018, 18 o’clock, and during the time until the first sale (March 1 – March 15), we have air dropped.

With Air Drop, you can earn 40 UZN tokens (about $ 8 worth) for free by just registering in advance.

The first token sale begins from 18 o’clock on March 15, 2018, with 100% bonus on the first 2 days.
In other words, you can double the amount you bought.
※ After that, 75%, 50% bonus will decrease.

Purchase method


First of all, please go to the official page

Unizon official page

※You can convert it to English by clicking japanese in the upper right

Click “SIGN IN” in the upper left and move to “New member registration”.

Next, enter your e-mail address and click Register.

Since provisional registration has been completed and you have sent an approval email for this registration to the email address you entered, you will be asked to activate your account by clicking on the URL of the email.

Since an e-mail comes to the e-mail address you entered, click the URL of the e-mail.

From above

① Surname

② name

③ Date of birth ※ Since you can not change your birth date later, write it correctly

④ Language selection

⑤ Password input

⑥ Enter the same password again

Please fill in all and click “Register”.

Move automatically to your account page.

At the stage when registration is completed

In addition, the token sale is from March 15th at 18 o’clock.
* To register for token sale, advance registration is required.


This project began with the question of whether existing insurance products function as genuine mutual aid. This led to a gathering of individuals who harbored uncomfortable feelings toward business models of traditional insurance companies.

However, we did not approach the project with the intention of disrupting the existing industry. Instead our goal is to set up a receptacle for users overflowing from that industry because existing insurance products do not address their needs. This user base includes the 4 billion people in the BoP class, as well as the stewards of the next generation, millennials and Generation Z, for whom we aim to provide a framework within which they can support one another.

The world we describe will function as a community for nurturing a new economic doctrine for the next generation that neither rejects nor affirms capitalism.

(Source: “White paper”)


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